Oral Science, the New Official National Service Center for the EMS AIRFLOW®

Oral Science, the New Official National Service Center for the EMS AIRFLOW®

Oral Science (Brossard, QC) is pleased to announced that it has been appointed by EMS (Switzerland) the new official national service center for the EMS AIRFLOW®.

Dental offices across Canada will now have a convenient and quick access to the team of technical specialists at Oral Science for their EMS AIRFLOW® units requiring servicing and annual maintenance. 

Oral Science EMS AIRFLOW® service center can be reached at service@oralscience.com and 1-888-442-7070, Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 5 PM EST.

Oral Science, the Guided Biofilm Integration (GBT Specialist)

As a premium EMS distributor and integration specialist, Oral Science provides:

  • The distribution of the AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master, AIRFLOW® One and all related instruments, hand pieces and accessories
  • Complimentary, personalized educational sessions on Guided Biofilm Therapy for you and your team with one of our Certified GBT Specialists
  • Hands-on training (and ongoing support) to ensure optimal integration of the technology
  • Competitive pricing and courtesy payment plans
  • Patient education and marketing tools (i.e. brochures, videos)

About EMS

EMS is the leading manufacturer of precision medical devices for dental prophylaxis, orthopaedics and urology. With over 700 qualified and specialised employees, we work on further improving our products and services every day – at our corporate headquarters in Nyon and around the world: Because, our goal is absolute perfection.

With this philosophy, we are continuing a more than 200-year-old tradition of the Swiss Vallée de Joux. This is where EMS was founded – as well as numerous other brands, which are known around the world for their precision down to the smallest detail.

About Oral Science

At Oral Science, our mission is to create, through EDUCATION, optimal and more predictable clinical outcomes for patients suffering from High Risk Caries, Periodontitis and Peri-Implantitis, Xerostomia, Oral Lesions, and Tooth Sensitivity.

Our team of dental hygienists are completely ENGAGED in supporting leading dental offices with the integration of treatments and interventions, resulting in consistent and superior patient outcomes, that are measurable, reproducible and based on the latest most current evidence–based literature, research data, experience, guidelines and expert opinion.

Your team will feel a new sense of confidence and EMPOWERMENT in knowing they are creating the optimal patient experience combined with more predictable outcomes, thereby also EMPOWERING patients to feel and see the positive impacts of specific treatments.

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