AIRFLOW® POWDER CLASSIC COMFORT - 4 Bottles of Sodium Bicarbonate Powder – 300g bottle - Lemon Flavour

by Oral Science


The AIRFLOW® CLASSIC sodium bicarbonate powder has just been revamped with a new formula: the CLASSIC COMFORT. The granule-metric size has been reduced by almost 40% for maximum patient comfort, going from 65 µm to 40 µm. It’s pleasant, it’s tasty and equally effective at removing biofilm, stains, heavy pigmentation and young-calculus. Thanks to the reduced grain size and a variety of flavours, prophylaxis has just gotten tastier – try it, patients love it!


  • Supragingival Biofilm management
  • Heavy pigmentation and stain removal from heavy smoking, high coffee intake and red wine
  • Pre-calculus (partially mineralized deposits) and young-calculus removal


  • Sodium bicarbonate powder
    Highly effective in the removal of biofilm, heavy pigmentation and young-calculus.
  • 300 g bottle
  • Reduced grain size
    ~40 µm
  • Available in two flavours
    Lemon and mint

    Supplier Code: DV-164/A/LEM