PERIOFLOW® Handpiece Set

by Oral Science

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The new PERIOFLOW® nozzle has revolutionized the way we do prophylaxis and implant maintenance today, allowing for a minimally-invasive treatment of periodontal pockets, implant surfaces and interdental spaces in a manner that is gentle on both soft and hard tissues.

Designed with a trilateral powder-outlet and an apical water-only spray, biofilm can be safely removed from residual pockets thanks to the vortex-principle that is created. The design includes a measuring scale on each disposable nozzle (3mm, 5mm, 7mm, 10mm) for accurate measurements of pocket depth that allow a controlled application.


The novel third generation PERIOFLOW® Nozzle with a 25% slimmer, more flexible and gentle design for increased patient comfort.
The enhanced body design offers better access and improved pocket conformability to reach more periodontal and peri-implant areas smoothly and safely.

  • Slim: Better access
  • Safe: Reduced intra-pocket pressure
  • Higher patient comfort
  • Higher efficiency


Streamlined design with 25% slimmer body and optimal flexibility drives higher accessibility to efficiently reach and treat more periodontal and peri-implant areas.

How? The reduced dimensions of the nozzle body induces optimal nozzle flexibility, contributes to access narrower periodontal pockets and eases to follow intra-pocket anatomical geometry.


The embedded lateral grooves to ensure reduced intra-pocket pressure for a safe and efficient treatment.

How? The channel generated by the groove of the nozzle allows air water and powder to freely circulate subgingivally to maintain a constant and reduced pressure within the pocket.


1 PERIOFLOW® Handpiece

20 PERIOFLOW® Nozzles

Compatible with AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master, AIRFLOW® Master PIEZON®, AIRFLOW® Master. Not compatible with handies.


Supplier Code: FS-474