Sylc Prophy Powder with NovaMin

by Oral Science
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Clean, Reduces Sensitivity, Repairs, Whitens

185 g bottle

Clinically Proven for
Treatment of dental hypersensitivity
Fast removal of extrinsic stains, e.g. coffee, tea and tobacco
Surface preparation prior to bonding and sealants
Before and after scaling and root planing procedure to reduce sensitivity
Prophylaxis of orthodontic patients
Plaque removal prior to fluoride treatments
Pre and post whitening treatments
Recover natural pearlesence and improve whiteness by 3-4 Vita shades

Sylc Powder is Suitable for Use with:
Acteon Air n Go
NSK Prophymate Neo
Kavo Prophyflex
EMS Airflow Handy 2+ (but only with Sylc Ceramic Tip (SYLC-1003)
And most air abrasion units

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