X-PUR Pro-Synergix: a Whitening Gem to Discover, Now Including a Curaprox Toothbrush!

X-PUR Pro-Synergix: a Whitening Gem to Discover, Now Including a Curaprox Toothbrush!

As a dental office, you are probably bombarded by offerings for home-care whitening kits. They each have their strengths and weaknesses. But, what if the kit you were offering your patients included only strengths and no weaknesses?

With it’s 3 easy steps, and at the most affordable price in Canada, this is what X-PUR Pro-Synergix Premium Plus home-care whitening kit offers!

Here is the little story behind…

X-PUR Pro-Synergix was created following findings from leading dental offices

First, we found that with hydrogen peroxide (HP) whitening gel only, patients were experiencing quick results, but needed touch-ups more frequently.

Secondly, we found that with carbamide peroxide (CP) whitening gel only, patients were waiting longer to see the results, but the whitening effect was lasting longer.

Thirdly, the success of all whitening treatments is directly linked to the length of time that the whitening gel stays in contact with the tooth surface.

And finally, that the most important challenge was tooth sensitivity.

This is why we created the only home-care whitening kit combining HP and CP, addressing the tooth sensitivity challenge and at the lowest cost per gram of whitening gel in Canada

Here are the 3 easy steps

STEP #1: X-PUR Remin for reduced sensitivity before, during and after the treatment + CURAPROX CS 5460 toothbrush for optimal and atraumatic biofilm removal

The unique advantages of using X-PUR Remin before, during and after a whitening treatment:

• Offer a protective coating beyond comparison over exposed dentinal tubules, providing quick and effective relief from refractory tooth hypersensitivity

• Provide a unique improvement of tooth whiteness and gloss by offering minerals to repair surface crevices. It restores, smoothes and gives translucency to the enamel, improving its gloss and true color. X-PUR Remin is not as abrasive (low abrasivity of 60) as a whitening agent in the sense of scrubbing or bleaching the teeth.

STEP #2: Hydrogen peroxide for a quick whitening action that will increase patient motivation

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is the fastest whitening gel available. Just a few days after beginning Step 2, your patients will already notice a significant improvement in the whiteness of their smile.

Ask your patient to use them for 30 to 60 minutes, 1 time per day during 4 days. They can also wear them 2 times per day, with 12 hours between each for accelerated results.

Step 2 includes 2 x 1.2 ml purple syringes

(Regular: 9% / Light: 6%) — Hydrogen Peroxide.

STEP #3: Carbamide peroxide for a white smile that lasts with greater shade stability

In Step 3, your patients will use carbamide peroxide (CH6N2O3) to maximize the longevity of their whitening results. The longer the whitening gel is in contact with the teeth, the longer the results will last (to be used during daytime or overnight).

Ask your patients to use them for 60 to 90 minutes, 1 time per day during 12 days. They can also wear them overnight for accelerated results.

Step 3 includes: 4 x 3 ml silver syringes

(Regular: 16% / Light: 10%) — Carbamide Peroxide.

It is that simple! Now, with X-PUR Pro-Synergix, you can differentiate your dental office and create a memorable experience for your patients!

If you wish to integrate our X-PUR Pro-Synergix Premium Plus home-care whitening kit, it would be our pleasure to meet you at your office. Our team of dental professionals are ready to schedule an in-office presentation with your group ! You simply have to fill out the form at this address : https://www.oralscience.ca/en/presentations/

See you soon !


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