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Probe, Chart, Educate, Motivate!


3-Month Money Back Guarantee Period & Unconditional Equipment Warranty!

To schedule a free 15-min web demo, please click here or call us at 1-888-442-7070.

Once you have purchased your headset(s), we will contact you to schedule your training and talk about the next steps! (see below for details)


1 VoiceWorks Headset Includes

• 1: 1x VoiceWorks wireless headset 

• 2: 1x Charging base stand

• 3: 1x Software key for keyboard entry of data to FP software

• 4: 1x DC power adapter

• 5: 1x Micro USB connection cable


Get Ready to Use VoiceWorks


Step #1: Determine How Many Headsets You Need

We typically recommend one headset per clinician and functioning operatory.


Step #2: Receive Your One-Hour Personalized Training

Once you have purchased your headset(s), each team member will receive a personalized one-hour training to set-up the VoiceWorks system and become familiar with the software.


Step #3: Start Using Voiceworks With Your Three-Month Money Back Guarantee Period

Monthly Cost: $103

Once set-up is completed, you will be able to begin using VoiceWorks with the following available features:

  • Software license
  • Software updates (approx. four per year)
  • Technical support via live chat, phone, email
  • Training
  • Unconditional equipment warranty
  • Unlimited entries of new charts


Step #4: Select Your Membership: Basic or Smart


More Information on VoiceWorks


What is VoiceWorks?

VoiceWorks, from Florida Probe, combines a lightweight wireless headset and voice-activated periodontal charting software.

VoiceWorks allows dental hygienists to verbally transcribe pocket depths, recession, bleeding, mobility and large restorations (i.e. bridges, crowns). This allows dental professionals to focus on patient education while also keeping them actively engaged throughout their treatment.

Simply plug the VoiceWorks USB Key into your computer and create your own personalized voice le with a Florida Probe specialist. The most effective voice- controlled perio charting ever created is now ready to use!


Most Dentists Want

• Increased R.O.I.: Offices can recoup the cost of the system in three months

• Increased hygiene production

• Increased treatment acceptance

• Detailed and accurate charts

• Graphic charts for insurance claims

• Cutting-edge technology


Most Dental Hygienists Want

• To quickly identify disease at the earliest stage

• Super-fast charting

• Charting without waiting for an assistant

• Better treatment acceptance

• Simplified patient periodontal exams


Other Benefits

• Designed to work in noisy operatories 

• Adapts to any accent

• Links to all major practice management software (Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Open Dental, Tracker and 50 other practice management applications)

• Wireless headset (no cords) and works up to a 20-foot + distance

• Complete a full perio chart in under 6 minutes


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