Advantage Arrest - Silver Diamine Fluoride - Gel - 30-Pack Unit-Doses

by Oral Science

Arrests the Progress of an Already Formed Cavity in Permanent & Primary Teeth

Pack includes:
30 x 0.1ml gel unit-doses ampules
30 x small applicators
30 x large applicators


Have confidence that the GEL is more easily be controlled and will stay where it's Desapplied. Worry less about staining adjacent areas, accidental drips, and flowing to unintended sites. 

Advantage Arrest GEL:

  • Reduces accidental drops on cheeks, counters, floors, and other areas
  • Is excellent for root surface applications
  • Improves handling
  • Provides immediate relief from dentinal hypersensitivity
  • Kills pathogenic organisms
  • Hardens softened dentin making it more acid and abrasion resistant
  • Does not stain sound dentin or enamel
  • Can provide important clinical feedback due to its potential to stain visible or hidden lesions

Advantage Arrest SDF GEL unit-dose kit contains 30 ampules of our thickened, tinted formula for easy handling and visualization during application. Each ampule contains 0.1 mL (enough to treat multiple sites in one patient).

• Now tinted (blue), for an easier application! 
• Antimicrobial 
• Cost-efficient: each drop = Up to 5 surfaces 
• Dental hygienists can apply it 
• Increases resistance to acid dissolution and enzymatic digestion
• Increases in mineral density and hardness while the lesion depth decreases
• No post-treatment limitations
• Odorless
• Outperforms other anti-caries treatments in killing cariogenic bacteria 
• Quick application in less than 5 minutes 
• User-friendly, no need for: 
  • Air or water 
  • Instruments 
  • Anesthesia

Medicinal Ingredient: 
38% Silver Diamine Fluoride 


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