FluoriMax: New Varnish Proven to Be Effective

FluoriMax: New Varnish Proven to Be Effective

Ms. Sylvie Martel (RDH, DipDH & Teaching Certificate NDHCB) scores once again with an article in the Oral Health magazine about FluoriMax, the next generation of fluoride varnish. Thanks for this amazing contribution to dentistry!

Reviewing the history of fluoride varnish as well as relying on several studies, this article proves, once again, that varnishes reduce considerably the incidence of dental caries. It also shows the downsides of old colophony-based, allergy-prone varnishes and highlights the delay in the bioavailability caused by the pine tree resin.

Offering a new option to patients with FluoriMax brings us to the conclusion of this article that with a colophny-free, 2.5% sodium fluoride formulation, this generation "has been proven to be effective in enamel remineralization and protection of dentition against acid erosion and have shown to provide a superior fluoride uptake." And all of this without the tacky coating!

Since fluoride varnish is one of the best options to recommend for caries and sensitivity management, you should definitely give FluoriMax a chance to increase compliance amongst all of your clients, regardless of their age group.

If you wish to learn more about FluoriMax, we invite you to read the full article called A New Generation of Fluoride Varnish is Coming to You on the Oral Health Website.

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