The Crystal Solution

The Crystal Solution

This blog post is addressed solely to dental professionals.

Have you heard about our X-PUR Crystal desensitizer? Oral Science is always at the forefront of providing predictable clinical outcomes with innovative products, and our X-PUR Crystal delivers on this in one small but mighty 10ml bottle!

Here are just some of the advantages and results you can expect when using X-PUR Crystal desensitizer in your dental and dental hygiene practice:

1. It takes less than 1 minute to apply

2.  Non-toxic! No irritation to soft tissue! No contraindications!

3. Multiple uses for both dentists & dental hygienists (ask us for more info)

4. Cost effective for your practice – 320 drops in 1 bottle!

5. Long lasting

Use X-PUR Crystal on enamel, dentin, or cementum. It forms acid-resistant calcium oxalate crystals, but won’t interfere with whitening or restorative procedures. These nano-crystals remain stable for 6 months, and X-PUR Crystal is effective on abfraction and erosion lesions as well. It’s a triple-win combination for your practice – cost, time, and patient/client satisfaction.

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Renaud Belanger-Forget - August 10, 2018

Dear BObbi,

We do not have samples, but if you wish we can visit your dental office to present you the product. Would that interest you?

Thank you & best regards,


BObbi - July 31, 2018
Could we get samples please?

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