Dentists & Dental Hygienists Loved our Curaprox iTOP in Vancouver, Calgary & Edmonton!

Dentists & Dental Hygienists Loved our Curaprox iTOP in Vancouver, Calgary & Edmonton!

In April & May, we held our Curaprox iTOP in Vancouver, Calgary & Edmonton with our new team of teachers and instructors (Gisele Choquette, Christine Chore and Lucy Pavao, all Registered Dental Hygienists with many years of experience at chair-side, and also Curaprox pionners)

It was a huge success. Everybody present were delighted in discovering how Curaprox can help dental hygiene teams build trust with their patients while teaching them how to value oral hygiene prevention.

There are so many reasons to register to the iTOP courses :

#1 Try the softest toothbrushes in the world

#2 Discover why science states interdental brushes are the optimal solutions to reach all of the interdental spaces

#3 Understand why your patients continue to develop caries and periodontal disease

#4 Increase your patient loyalty towards their hygiene appointments

#5 Engage your patients and colleagues so that they follow you in this paradigm shift

#6 Six hours of continuing dental education

#7 Free Curaprox & X-PUR products (+ $100 value)


We still have a few places available for Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal and Brosssard.

So do not loose your chance and register now here!

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Comments - November 13, 2019
E Exciting event you had there! Feel a little bit pity because I didn`t manage to visit is due to my studying, but with, I have more time, so I hope to see you on the upcoming events.
Vikram Ahuja - May 24, 2019

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