Hybenx - Oral Tissue Decontaminant

by Oral Science

Targets the Trigger of Periodontal Disease by Eliminating Bacteria on Contact

Formats (gel or liquid):
2 x 1 mL syringes
2 x syringes tips

Hybenx is a therapeutic liquid based on EPIEN’s novel Desiccation Shock Technology(DST) that destroys bacteria and biofilm, removes smear layer, removes and pathogens decried necrotic tissues and calms inflammatory mediators quickly, safely, simply and effectively. DST is a breakthrough treatment for infected tissue surfaces based on a unique new class of non-antibiotic cleanser that quickly eradicates biofilm, at the molecular level, from infected tissue surfaces. 

Does not harm healthy tissues
Fast and easy application
Inhibits infectious and inflammatory disease process
Non-systemic and antibiotic free
Safe on tooth, restorative and implant surfaces 

Main Ingredient:
Sulferated phenols

Health Canada Classification
Medical Device Class 1

Mechanism of Action
Desiccation Shock Technology (DST) involves the rapid dehydration and denaturization of organic tissues and biofilms. At its core, the technology uses sulphonated phenols, which are effective in removing water from a combination of infectious microbial material and dead cellular debris. This dehydration leads to the disintegration of biofilm structures at the molecular level, thereby eradicating them from infected tissue surfaces. This action is distinct from traditional antibiotic approaches, as it physically alters the state of the pathogens and affected tissues, converting them into devitalized, harmless coagulum, which can then be removed from the lesion or infected site. 

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