Disclosing while brushing, the best of both worlds!

Disclosing while brushing, the best of both worlds!

Be honest, how many of you have used disclosing tablets or solutions in the last year? These messy solutions can stain your patient's mouth, their lips, your lab coat, your sink and even leave drops on your new dental office floor...

Of course, there are many advantages to a disclosing solution* such as showing your "awful cases" the plaque they have missed while brushing, teaching your pediatric clients how to properly brush their teeth, etc. But they also bring frustrations: these solutions might take some time to disclose, are usually prone to staining everything and, let's admit it, patients won't do this extra step on their own at home... plus they do not have a great taste!

The alternative to using these tablets would be a product with a great taste, that is not staining your patients' lips, clothes or new white shoes and that is disclosing the plaque as effectively. This is exactly what Plaque HD does!

A fluoride toothpaste that discloses plaque is exactly what Plaque HD is. You can use it with your clients in orthodontics, just make them brush 'til the green is gone. You can use it with the little ones to teach them the effective way to brush their teeth. In perio, it can help reduce the inflammation caused by an improper way of brushing and will allow your patients to have a healthy mouth!*

You will be able to see a difference in their mouth after using Plaque HD at their next recall visit!

So, will this be the last time you will use disclosing tablets or solution?

Plaque HD will not only help you during your patient's appointment, it will help them to solve one of the most common problems in dental hygiene and they will thank you for it!

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To learn other benefits of using Plaque HD or other disclosing solutions, read the article "To disclose or not to disclose?"

* The American Journal of Medicine - "Randomized trial of Plaque identifying Toothpaste: Dental Plaque and Inflammation" - Fasula K, Evans CA, Boyd L, Giblin L, Belavsky BZ, Hetzel S, McBride P, DeMets DL, Hennekens CH.

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