Exceptional Softness of the Curaprox CUREN Bristles, Now Available for the Sonic Lovers

Exceptional Softness of the Curaprox CUREN Bristles, Now Available for the Sonic Lovers

Did you know that the Curaprox softness and quality is now offered in an electric toothbrush? Yes, and it is called the Hydrosonic Easy!

Hydrodynamics + Softeness Combined

The Curaprox Hydrosonic offers the recognized hydrodynamic effect of the sonic technology, creating a turbulence between saliva, water and toothpaste to remove biofilm in places where the bristles do not reach, such as interdental spaces.

However, it is the only electric toothbrush with a unique advantage over other electric toothbrush made of nylon bristles due to its patented CUREN® bristles.

These CUREN® bristles made of polyester absorb almost no water, provide consistent performance, an unbelievably soft feeling, leading to incredible experience, even with 42,000 brush stroke per minute.

Oral Health at the Push of a Button

The Hydrosonic Easy lets you improve your oral hygiene in an easy, uncomplicated and thorough way, with sophisticated;

• Single-button operation, easy and intuitive

• Three modes: «start», «clean» and «smile» with 22,000, 32,000 and 42,000 brush strokes per minute

• Cleans right into theinterdental space thanks to sonic technology and hydrodynamic action

• As powerful as when the battery is low as when fully charged

• Also useful for braces, implants and dentures

A Head for Everyone

The Hydrosonic Easy comes with 2 rectangular shaped heads, a sensitive model and a power model for optimal biofilm removal.

Additionally, we also offer the premium Pro heads. Offered in 3 models ; sensitive, power and single (to clean tooth by tooth), it is manufactured in Switzerland, something completely unique in the world. Also, the heads offer CURACURVE®, a patented technology that creates the perfect bend to reach the hardest tooth surfaces, including the interdental spaces.

Additional features of the Hydrosonic Easy

• Compatible with all Curaprox brush heads

• Powerful battery that lasts for approximately two weeks when brushing your teeth for four minutes a day

• Extra-small charging device including a travel case



We offer a great launch promotion! Buy 6 ($129.99 / each) and get 2 free.

You can buy it here.



We also have an exclusive offer if you wish to try it for yourself. Only $79.99!

You can buy it here.

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