FluoriMax, the Fluoride Varnish Reinvented

FluoriMax, the Fluoride Varnish Reinvented

Fluoride varnishes have been used for many years and are a gold standard. Also, as a dental professional, you have certainly used a fluoride varnish with your patients at some point in order to help prevent caries, remineralize tooth surfaces or treat tooth sensitivity. However, I am sure you encountered some issues using them.  

Wouldn’t be nice if a next generation of varnish was invented without all the issues found in the one already created?

Well, your wish has been granted! Here, at Oral Science, we want you to insure your patients with the best varnish. A varnish with more fluoride uptake, without a tacky sensation, and even hypoallergenic. One that offers you the possibility to use only the quantity you need and avoid any waste. It is called FluoriMax!

Only the Best Ingredients

FluoriMax, by Elevate Oral Care, will give your patients a better experience and will increase their compliance. With the hydroxyapatite contained in this new product, your patients will be assured to have the best ingredient because it’s the same found in our enamel and dentine. Also, its easy application formula and its great taste will make the kids and adults love this new fluoride varnish. They will also appreciate the fact that there is practically no post-treatment instruction.

A New Resin

This next generation of fluoride varnish is made with dewaxed, food-grade shellac, a resin that dries 7 times thinner than other colophonies, forcing more sodium fluoride to the surface of the varnish when applied to the tooth. More sodium fluoride touching saliva means that more of it is released, rather than being brushed off with the resin or swallowed in chunks before it can be released from the colophony.


Less Sodium Fluoride for a Better Absorption

FluoriMax contains only 2.5% sodium fluoride. In fact, while developing it, researches showed fluoride uptake into enamel was statistically the same at 2.5% and 5% concentrations, and even better than traditional 5% colophony-based varnishes.


No More Uni-dose

This next generation does not require a uni-dose. It’s delivered from a bottle, and comes with a tray and an applicator that allows you to use only the quantity needed to apply per patient. This new technique is easy to master and makes you save money as it reduces your cost per application. You only use what you need! With the 12 ml bottle, you can do up to 240 kids applications and 120 adults applications. Meaning, for adults, you will use up to 4 drops, and forkids up to 2 drops. Normally, varnishes are offered in uni-doses containing up to 0.5 ml. With our varnish, 0.50 ml represents approximately as much as 20 drops. Imagine the quantity you save!  

There are many advantages in our next generation of fluoride varnish: colophony-free, with food-grade shellac instead. It is more efficient, has a superior fluoride uptake rate and is dispensed from a bottle, so uni-doses are no longer needed. FluoriMax will also lower your cost per application! We are really proud to be able to offer a new generation of fluoride varnishes to dental hygienists and dentists. You will see, FluoriMax will increase your patient compliance and simplify your treatments!

If you wish to get your hands on FluoriMax, ask for an in-office presentation.

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