Gengigel: for Healthy Gums & Oral Lesions

Gengigel: for Healthy Gums & Oral Lesions

Gengigel with 0.2% hyaluronic acid topical gel is the #1 treatment against oral lesions recommended and used by dental and medical professionals.

The hyaluronic acid (HA) contained in Gengigel is a natural physiological constituent of connective tissue. It plays a critical role in the collagen-making process. Made up mostly of collagen, it is one of the major components of the human body. It is active in tissue regeneration and influences the migration of fibroblasts and fibrinogenesis, thus making the healing of tissue easier. It performs 3 synergistic effects: anti-inflammatory, accelerates the healing process and provides a protective barrier.

Gengigel offers a lot of benefits for your patients:

• Biomimetic : high level of purity that resembles natural HA found in our body

• Film properties : saliva resistant and creates a protected environment 

• Maximum adhesion : allows HA to remain in place for a long time

• Prolonged anti-inflammatory properties by absorbing pro-inflammatory exudates (hygroscopic) 

• Quick action (relieves pain in minutes) 

• Safe : multiple indications and no known drug interaction or side effect 

• Sweetened with xylitol : does not promote tooth decay

It is also significantly more performant than other products found on the market with benzocaine. 


Be part of the dental and medical professionals who recommend it to their patients by requesting an in-office presentation to integrate Gengigel in your dental practice!

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