Great Q&A on Silver Diamine Fluoride by Dentistry Today

Great Q&A on Silver Diamine Fluoride by Dentistry Today

Dentistry Today did an article named "Focus On: Silver Diamine Fluoride". Dr. Rella Christensen, PhD answered questions about SDF that can help you learn more about this innovative product. 



These are the 7 questions that were asked to Dr. Rella Christensen, PhD. For the full article, click here.


Q1: Who needs to know about silver diamine fluoride (SDF), and why?

Q2: Has SDF always been available, or is it new?

Q3: How does SDF arrest dental caries?

Q4: Are there disadvantages to SDF? 

Q5: What are some indications and contraindications of SDF? 

Q6: What are the clinical procedure steps?

Q7: What is the future of SDF caries treatment?


If you wish to order SDF or learn more information about it, we invite you to follow this link: You will have access to a FREE video series on Silver Diamine Fluoride.

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