Happy National Toothbrush Day!

Happy National Toothbrush Day!

June 26 represents the National Toothbrush Day according to the website www.whatnationaldayisit.com

To celebrate this special day, here are some facts about the SOFTEST toothbrush in the world: CS 5460 by Curaprox.

1. It is made with Curen filaments instead of bristles, which allow the toothbrush to contain way more filaments than any other toothbrushes (5460 filaments VS +/- 600 bristles).

2. It breaks up and removes biofilm more thoroughly - thanks to the extremely dense bristles. 

3. It is incredibly gentle.

4. It cleans the sulcus without damage. 

5. It reaches everywhere with its compact and slightly angled head.

6. The octagonal handle helps users to brush at the correct angle of 45 degrees.



Your patients will truly love the Curaprox toothbrush!

If you want to integrate them in your dental office, take the Curaprox Challenge with one of our representatives.




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