Ingenious, Natural & Fast-Acting Desensitizer

Ingenious, Natural & Fast-Acting Desensitizer

A few weeks ago, we were asked by a few dental professionals to write a Facebook post on the effectiveness of X-PUR Crystal.

We thought: Why not do a blog about it?

Mechanism of Action

X-PUR Crystal is a proprietary blend of natural acids and salts that quickly form insoluble calcium crystals thereby providing a fast and effective relief for patients with general root or exposed dentin sensitivity (approx. 5 seconds). This innovative blend rapidly blocks the fluid flow to help provide relief from sensitivity.

The Benefits

X-PUR Crystal should be used for exposed dentinal sensitivity for the following three reasons:

  • Profound, long lasting patient relief in seconds
  • Easy application: no isolation, drying or curing necessary
  • All natural, non-toxic: will not cause sloughing of gingival tissues

    Also, it is

    • Free from organic solvents or agents found in tissue fixatives (i.e. benzalkonium chloride, chloroform, ether, glutaraldehyde (GTA), phenolor hydroxyl-ethyl-methacrylate (HEMA))
    • Non-irritating to the vital pulp tissues of the tooth or any of the oral gingival cells

    Ideal for These Situations

    This in-office desensitizer is easy to use and acts in seconds. You can use it for different situations such as:

    • Prior to scaling and root planing
    • Crown preparation: before and after
    • Exposed cementum and root dentin
    • Heavy calculus along cervical neck that extends along the root surface
    • Prophylaxis: before and after
    • Under restorations (amalgams, composites, crowns and veneers)

    It can also be used for other clinical uses such as periodontitis and whitening.


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