Curaprox iTOP Course: Featured in the Dental Tribune!

Curaprox iTOP Course: Featured in the Dental Tribune!

Gisèle Choquette is a passionate and leading RDH with more than 20 years of clinical experience in periodontal care and implant maintenance, and the first early adopter of Curaprox in Canada. She harbors a passion for continuing dental education and supporting her patients in achieving optimal oral health. 

Gisèle is a trainer for individually trained oral prophylaxis (iTOP) in Canada since 2009. This course helps leading dental professionals integrate Curaprox and the most effective oral hygiene program into there practice.

With this training, Ms Choquette was hoping to better educate her patients. So far, it is a success! She said to the Dental Tribune in an interview made in 2016, "The goal for me is to help patients understand that, for example, bleeding gingivae are not normal. It is an indication of an inflammatory disease that can affect other parts of the body. ITOP has taught me how to explain this to them correctly."


What she likes the most about the iTOP course is the motivation. It has changed her philosophy as a dental hygienist. She learned that "the most important thing is to speak to patients in simple terms" in order to really help them.

What is an iTOP course?

An iTOP course is a full day (6 hours) of training. It is three hours of theory, followed by a hands-on part in the afternoon where the participants are trying the products directly in the mouth.

The course will help you to increase:

The comprehension of your patients’ issues

• The efficacy of your current dental hygiene interventions and the communication with your patients

The efficacy of your treatment by better managing biofilm

The trust, value and fidelity of your patients and thus their compliance to recommended treatment

Dental hygienists, assistants and even dentists can take the course. It will give them C.E. credits* and $100 worth of free Curaprox and X-PUR products.

According to Ms Choquette, one day of iTOP is definitely not enough!

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*Dentists in Western Canada are not eligible to the C.E. credits with this course. 
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