5 misconceptions about SDF explained by Jeannette MacLean, DDS

5 misconceptions about SDF explained by Jeannette MacLean, DDS

Discover 5 misconceptions about Silver Diamine Fluoride in an article published in the August 2017 edition of the Dental Town Magazine

Jeannette MacLean, DDS, private practice pediatric dentist and owner at Affiliated Children’s Dental Specialists in Arizona, is a pioneer in the use of SDF. She decided to address what she considers to be the five most common SDF misconceptions. 

1. It's going to run you out of business

2. Your patients will reject it because of its poor aesthetics

3. It's only for children

4. Patients will not complete treatment

5. You can't bond to it 

Dr. MacLean hopes more dentists will become open minded and expand their knowledge base by learning about SDF and introducing it to their practices.

To read the full article and read the explanations of these five misconceptions, follow this link: Top 5 Misconceptions About Silver Diamine Fluoride

To buy SDF for your practice, click here.

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Chloé Labrie - September 5, 2017

Dear Andrea,

I first want to thank you for your interest in SDF! :)

The SDF discoloration in this use is difficult to gauge. It depends on any residual decay that is left on the preparation. It depends on light cure steps, and it depends on the material that’s being used (opacity).

In short, if there is stain after SDF is placed and you use a non opaque material, some discoloration will show through. If an opaque material is used much less will show. There are simply too many variables to definitively say if there will be stain in this application.

I hope this help!

Have a great day,


Andrea Stevens - August 31, 2017

If I place SDF at a crown prep appointment, placing a provisional crown on top…then at the placement appointment bond in my crown…will it discolour and show under the crown, especially with non-opaque materials?

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