Oral Science Launches 2 New Online Store Platforms for Dental Offices & Patients

Oral Science Launches 2 New Online Store Platforms for Dental Offices & Patients

Over the past few months we have been putting together our two new online stores and are proud to announce that they are finally ready to use. Both will help you facilitate your patients experience!



The Oral Science Club store is for you, dental professionals! There are three main items of importance to note about this NEW boutique.

1. You will have the chance to buy products online for your dental office. It will make your life easier by allowing you to order the products you need, have access to the same pricing structure (the same than when you call our customer service to order) and even pay your invoice online. Your orders and contact information will also be saved in our database, so you can easily remember what you have previously ordered.

2. You will be able to request recommendation pads as well as patient samples. Everything is easily accessible under one website. The referral pads and samples for X-PUR, Xylimelts, Gengigel, and Curaprox will help you encourage your patients to obtain our products in pharmacies or on our X-PUR Boutique.

3. Be becoming a customer, you will receive our new newsletter with educational information, video capsules and interesting blog posts every month on caries, xerostomia and periodontitis.


The X-PUR Boutique is the NEW store for your patients! Although our products are still available in pharmacies, we wanted to provide your patients with the option of being able to shop online from the comfort of their home. There are also some advantages of visiting the NEW X-PUR boutique.

1.Your patients will have access to our entire product line on one website: X-PUR, Curaprox, Xylimelts, Gengigel and Plaque HD are all regrouped under X-PUR.COM.

2. Your patients will be able to shop anytime that is convenient to them, day or night. For example, after recommending our products during their last appointment, they did not get the chance to get to the pharmacy. Well, when arriving home, they will be able to connect quickly to our new online boutique and shop for the products they want!

3. Your patients will have access to educational information on xerostomia, periodontitis, caries and oral lesions. Our goal is to help make your patients informed consumers who better understand why they are making their purchase and why these are the best solutions for them.

Spread the good news with your dental team, friends, and patients!

Visit the Oral Science Club store today to purchase innovative products for your dental office and don’t forget to recommend our X-PUR boutique to your patients!

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