New X-PUR Opti-Rinse Plus 0.05% Mint Flavor!

New X-PUR Opti-Rinse Plus 0.05% Mint Flavor!

Following repeated requests from its loyal users, Oral Science is pleased to announce that X-PUR Opti-Rinse Plus 0.05% (daily use) will now be offered in a delicious mint flavor specifically designed for the particular taste of adult patients.

This new version joins the flagship X-PUR Opti-Rinse Plus family, the #1 high strength sodium fluoride home-care rinse recommended by Canadian dental professionals.

This X-PUR Opti-Rinse Plus line includes;

X-PUR Opti-Rinse Plus 0.05% Grape & Mint Flavors

  • For adults and kids
  • Daily use
  • For patients with good oral hygiene
  • Available in 500 ML and 1 L formats (Grape only)

X-PUR Opti-Rinse Plus 0.2% Mint Flavor

  • For adults
  • Weekly use or daily use for 30 days
  • For patients with elevated risks for dental caries, gingivitis and xerostomia
  • Available in 500 ML and 1 L formats

In a recent in-vitro study, X-PUR Opti-Rinse Plus showed similar antibacterial effects than chlorhexidine against P. Gingivalis (gingivitis), S. Sobrinus (rampant cavities) and S. Mutans (cavities), but without side effects such as tooth discolouration, taste altering, calculus formation, and oral mucosa desquamation and irritation. 1

X-PUR Opti-Rinse Plus is made of a patented, alcohol-free and gentle formulation containing high strength sodium fluoride, cetylpyridinium chloride, xylitol also Citrox®.

Citrox® is a unique plant-based and patented antimicrobial bioflavonoid complex offering a powerful antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal, antiviral and anti-inflammatory effect. With Citrox®, your patients can feel safe as it is biodegradable, safe to handle, eco-friendly, alcohol-free, does not contain synthetic fragrances or colourants, and is also free of GMO, petrochemicals and allergenic substances.

Visit or call our Customer Service at 1 888 442.7070 to purchase or schedule an online or in-person presentation with our team of dental hygienists!



  1. Genevieve Lebel et alii. Groupe de Recherche en Écologie Buccale (GREB). Faculté de Médecine Dentaire. Université Laval, Québec, Québec, Canada. Article is awaiting publication.
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