Oral Science Introduces the Curaprox Hydrosonic Pro Electric Toothbrush in Canada

Oral Science Introduces the Curaprox Hydrosonic Pro Electric Toothbrush in Canada

Oral Science is pleased to announce the Canadian launch of the Curaprox Hydrosonic Pro electric toothbrush with sonic technology, for incredibly gentle, better results. This includes tender loving care for the sulcus, preventive and special care for patients with braces or implants, and the treatments and prevention of gingivitis and periodontitis.


Developed to give your patients professional support for their oral health, the Curaprox Hydrosonic Pro offers the best performance of sonic technology:

  • Seven levels, intuitive to use
  • From 44,000 to 84,000 pulsations per minute
  • Supports the hydrodynamic cleaning effect
  • Powerful battery – more than 60 minutes of brushing per charge
  • Just as powerful when the battery is low as when fully charged
  • Three brush heads, made in Switzerland
  • Curen® filaments for gentleness
  • Curacurve® ergonomics for reach
  • Droplet-shaped arrangement for effectiveness

“When using a sonic toothbrush, there are 3 golden rules: no pressure, a precise adaptation to the tooth, and a slow-scanning of the entire tooth surface. The Curaprox Hydrosonic Pro has a very powerful motor, so it can provide an extremely high number of strokes per minute. Thanks to this, the hydrodynamic effect can be fully utilized. In addition, the special ultra-soft bristles, and the way these bristles are arranged, combine to strengthen the hydrodynamic effect further,” commented Dr. Ulrich P. Saxer, professor and co-creator of the Curaprox Hydrosonic Pro.

Every Curaprox Hydrosonic Pro package comes with

  • 1 × Curaprox Hydrosonic Pro handpiece
  • 1 × Sensitive brush head
  • 1 × Pro brush head
  • 1 × Single brush head
  • 1 × Charging station with USB cable
  • 1 × USB wall charger
  • 1 × Travel case
  • 1 × User manual
  • 1 × Quick Start flyer

Oral Science invites all dental professionals to get their Curaprox Hydrosonic Pro trial unit in exclusivity at the Pacific Dental Conference in Vancouver on March 9 and 10.

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