Oral Science Presents a New Adapted Format of the Leading Silver Diamine Fluoride Advantage Arrest Based on the Needs of Dental Hygiene Departments

Oral Science Presents a New Adapted Format of the Leading Silver Diamine Fluoride Advantage Arrest Based on the Needs of Dental Hygiene Departments

Oral Science is proud to launch a new 5 ML, more convenient bottle of Advantage Arrest®, the leading Silver Diamine Fluoride treatment (SDF) in Canada.

This new format has been developed based on the demands and needs of dentists and dental hygienists across Canada:

  • A smaller, convenient bottle
  • Option to order more units at a similar cost value to allow you to stock more operatories
  • Easier management of expiration schedules


The 1st Breakthrough Designation by the FDA

Launched in 2017 as the first Silver Diamine Fluoride treatment, Advantage Arrest® was granted the 1st breakthrough therapy designation by the FDA for an oral care product.

The distinction was granted based on the FDA review of 10 worldwide randomized clinical trials evaluating silver diamine fluoride for caries arrest in children aged 3-9 or adults aged 60-89. Collectively these trials involved 1,500 subjects who were monitored for 1-3 years. In addition, it represents the FDA’s effort to address an unmet, serious, life-threatening medical need. 


Science Shows Advantage Arrest is the Leader of SDF Treatment

Since then, Advantage Arrest® continues to be the leader of SDF treatment as being the only one indicated by Health Canada to help arrest the progression of an already formed caries in permanent and primary dentition.

Additionally, it’s 38% Silver Diamine Fluoride formulation without Potassium Iodine (KI) offers multiple benefits for the dental professionals;

  • SDF + KI treatment inhibited development of secondary caries on GIC restorations, but was not as effective as SDF treatment alone. Moreover, SDF + KI treatment caused a perceptible staining at the restoration margin, but the intensity was less than that with purely SDF treatment alone. [1],[2]
  • As stated KI is only indicated for use in vital permanent posterior dentition (KI is not indicated for pediatric dentistry/primary dentition) [3]
  • Storage requires refrigeration and shelf life of 2 years compared to 3 years for Silver Diamine Fluoride (Advantage Arrest®
  • Multiple steps are needed to complete the application

Black mat is an indicator that the lesion is static.

Credits: Dr. Jeremy Horst

Oral Science welcomes dentists and dental hygienists to contact it’s team of Preventive Dental Care Partners for any questions regarding the integration of Silver Diamine Fluoride treatment protocols. The 8ml and 30-pack unit-doses format are still available.



[1] Turton, B., Horn, R., Durward, C. (2020). Caries arrest and lesion appearance using two different silver fluoride therapies on primary teeth with and without potassium iodide: 12-month results. Clinical and Experimental Dental Research, page 1 – 11.

[2] Zhao, I., et al. (2017). Effect of Silver Diamine Fluoride and Potassium Iodide Treatment on Secondary Caries Prevention and Tooth Discoloration in Cervical Glass Ionomer Cement Restoration. International Journal of Molecular Science, Volume 18, Number 340, pages 1- 12.

[3] Riva Star – SDI retrieved from  https://www.sdi.com.au/en-ca/product/rivastar/


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