Periodontal Disease: A Professional’s Refresher

Periodontal Disease: A Professional’s Refresher

This blog is strictly addressed to dental professionals.

It is now accepted that Periodontal Disease is among the most common chronic inflammatory condition known to humankind (FDI World Dental 2018). When the host response is healthy, the initial bacteria-induced gingival inflammation remains as gingivitis and is reversible.

When the host response is inadequate and unable to manage the biofilm challenge presented, a cascade of cell reactions occur, increasing the risk of systemic health problems.

Periodontal disease is the “net effect of the immune response and the inflammatory processes, not the mere presence of the bacteria” alone (Cekici 2014 Periodontal 2000). It’s not just about the teeth!

Next, think about some of your clinic’s more difficult to treat patients/clients. Begin with the Medical History. What are some commonalities? Is there a pattern you can detect in some of your patient/clients populations with periodontal disease:

Are they Diabetics or Smokers? Do they have Rheumatoid Arthritis or Cardiovascular Disease? Do they have Pre/Post-menopausal osteoporosis?

If this difficult to treat subset of patients/clients are not responding to your standard treatments, it’s time to consider the evidence:

90% reduction of active periodontal pockets

2-3 x greater mean of attachment

Reduction in blood levels of haemoglobin A1C to a near-normal level


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Sophie Bouchard - OS Employee - December 12, 2018

Hello Dana,

Thank you for your comment and interest in Periostat. I have sent you an e-mail to your personal address answering your question. Please reply to this e-mail or call us at 1 888-442-7070.

Have a wonderful day,

dana - October 9, 2018
I am interested in periostat, I am an independent dental hygienist. Can you tell me the requirements for use of this product.

Thank you
Dana RDH

Jo-Anne Jones - June 3, 2018

Well written Lucy. We have an ethical responsibility on 2 platforms as a dental professional. First one is adherence to evidence-based guidelines which strongly promote Periostat as an intervention and secondly to improve the quality of health and minimize the risk of systemic disease through oral inflammation.

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