Silver Diamine Fluoride: The Major Buzz at the 2017 PDC!

Silver Diamine Fluoride: The Major Buzz at the 2017 PDC!

During the 2017 Pacific Dental Conference, more than 3,000 dental professionals were presented the most awaited ingredient in caries management : Silver Diamine Fluoride. Available under the brand Advantage ArrestTM (manufactured by Elevate Oral Care, USA), it has recently been cleared by Health Canada to be sold by Oral Science. (NPN 80075746)

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) offers the possibility to arrest the cariogenic process even if cavitations are present and extend through the tooth’s enamel layer. It has been used internationally for decades to arrest dental caries in primary and permanent teeth. SDF has also been featured in many mass media outlets, including the New York Times, to educate the general population on how it is an alternative to the traditional restorative caries treatment.

In fact, SDF addresses the significant public health issue of untreated dental caries. It becomes a highly effective, non-invasive and low cost caries treatment, especially to avoid general anesthesia for kids with multiple caries, for underserved population lacking access to restorative dental services, for patients with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and for every person wanting to avoid the anxiety and consequences of dental restorations.

Arresting tooth decay at an earlier stage is so important that SDF was awarded the Breakthrough Therapy Designation by the US FDA, a classification that accelerates the approval process of drugs that treat life-threatening diseases where there are no therapies available. In fact, it is the only oral care medicine to ever receive that designation.

SDF’s mechanism of action is really simple: the fluoride prevents further demineralization, the silver provides the antimicrobial and protective effect, while the ammonia stabilizes the formula. It is ideal for root caries, to secure margins of posterior restorations, under a restoration as a liner and to save existing restorations.

At the centre of this buzz was Steve Pardue, co-founder of Elevate Oral Care, who provided the presentation during the 2 days of the conference. “SDF was not just another new product on the exhibit hall, it’s one of those technologies that come once in a while during a decade and completely changes the game. I really felt it while presenting and answering the many questions of the crowd. I am also extremely happy about how fast the word is spreading into the dental community and how well all types of dental professionals, regulatory bodies and dental media are reacting to the arrival of SDF in Canada.”

“We are proud of offering an innovation that was long awaited in Canada. SDF will create a true paradigm shift in caries management. It also becomes a major pillar of our Minimally Invasive Approach to Treating Dental Caries, which can be offered to dental offices, study clubs and oral hygiene schools by our team of consultant and dental professionals“, commented Daniel Menard, CEO and co-founder of Oral Science.

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