Silver Diamine Fluoride: to Arrest Cavitated Lesions

Silver Diamine Fluoride: to Arrest Cavitated Lesions

We are proud to announce that we have received Advantage Arrest, the only dental product on the market to contain Silver Diamine Fluoride in Canada.

As you may know Silver Diamine Fluoride, or SDF, can arrest or reverse cavitated lesions. It has been used as a treatment for dental caries for decades in Japan and was granted “Breakthrough Therapy Designation” by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA). This designation represents the FDA’S effort to address an unmet, serious, life-threatening medical need where there is no available therapy and to expedite the review of such products. This is the first time a dental product is granted this designation.



Silver Diamine Fluoride is a true paradigm shift in the treatment of dental caries. It doesn’t require any drilling, anesthesia or sedation. It can be applied on the teeth of a 3 years old as well as on the teeth of a 93 years old. It is completely safe!

- You can apply SDF to give you time before you actually normally restore the tooth.

- Or you leave the cavitated lesion there and you cover it with SDF. In that case, it is recommended to monitor the lesion and, possibly, re-apply at standard hygiene recalls.

- It can be used also in these cases

        - As an alternative to restorative treatment

        - As an alternative to restorative treatment

        - To avoid general anesthesia or oral sedation

        - With behavioral or medical management patients

        - With carious lesions that cannot be treated in 1 visit

        - Difficult access to dental care

        - Difficult to treat dental carious lesions

        - High risk caries

        - Liner

How is it Working?

The silver ions act directly against bacteria in lesions by breaking membranes and re-acidification, while the fluoride ion acts to prevent further demineralization. Hydroxyapatite and fluoroapatite then form on the exposed organic matrix, along with the presence of silver chloride and metallic silver.

What About the Staining?

Staining is an indicator of antimicrobial effectiveness. The functional indicator of effectiveness is when the silver oxide is bound to the diseased collagen and intrinsic pigmentation of a carious lesion occurs. SDF stains demineralized areas and soft-tissues. Stains can be reduced by gentle polishing with tincture of weak iodine solution or by being covered with Glass Ionomer. The staining is not immediate but will be noticed within hours. It will be limited to direct areas of contact. Applying a GI after placing SDF also helps protect the SDF and enhance its antimicrobial and remineralizing effects.

For soft-tissue, it will fade over a period of 24 to 72 hours.

A Game Changer

It will definitely change the way you will treat caries! Both dental hygienists and dentists can apply Silver Diamine Fluoride. SDF is completely non-invasive and quick, it is cost efficient and there are no post-treatment limitations. 

It is also one of the new star in our Minimally Invasive Approach to Treating Dental Caries, which can be offered to dental offices, study clubs and oral hygiene schools. 

To request a FREE IN-OFFICE DEMONSTRATION on SDF, click this link!



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