Study Shows XyliMelts Reduces Biofilm by More than 50%

Study Shows XyliMelts Reduces Biofilm by More than 50%

As you may know, XyliMelts are pastilles that contain Xylitol which dissolves overtime. They are ideal for patients with dry mouth, including the ones with sleep apnea, or any medical condition that create dryness of the mouth during sleep. XyliMelts are completely safe, there is no risk of swallowing them during sleep.

In fact, XyliMelts are the only pastilles indicated by Health Canada to stimulate salivation during sleep.

A study recently released by the University of California showed XyliMelts can reduce biofilm by more than 58% in people affected by dry mouth.

The 21-day clinical study evaluated the effects of XyliMelts on saliva production in patients with dry mouth and the ability to neutralize acids, as well as patient comfort.

Researchers found XyliMelts significantly reduced sleep disruption by lasting for six hours while sleeping, when dry mouth is at its worst, and improving mouth wetness in the morning. The adhering pastilles more than doubled saliva production while in place, and increased the ability of saliva to neutralize acids that cause tooth decay.

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