The Curaprox CS 12460 Velvet Toothbrush: The New Gold Standard

The Curaprox CS 12460 Velvet Toothbrush: The New Gold Standard

Oral Science is proud to announce the launch of the new Curaprox CS 12460 velvet toothbrush.

Curaprox has built on the success of its classic CS 5460 to produce its most gentle and effective toothbrush yet. The CS 12460 velvet is the result of taking the best design elements from the CS 5460 toothbrush and refining them to utmost perfection. What distinguishes the CS 12460 velvet is that its brush head holds 12,460 ultra-soft, ultra-fine Curen® filaments, creating a highly efficient cleaning surface like no other.

As the most densely bristled toothbrush from the Curaprox range, the CS 12460 velvet sets a new standard in oral care solutions for being extremely gentle yet effective at disrupting and removing plaque from the oral cavity.

The CS 12460 velvet pushes boundaries further still as each Curen® filament it holds measures only 0.08mm in thickness, making them the gentlest yet incredibly strong filaments for daily use. Furthermore, these filaments boast a rounded tip to protect the enamel from physical wear and micro-scratches during use.

To promote the most comfortable toothbrushing experience, the CS 12460 velvet also features a hexagonal handle with a tilted brush head the same compact size as the iconic CS 5460. This ergonomic design ensures that the CS 12460 velvet sits well balanced in hand to enable effortless and optimal cleaning, even in the most hard-to-reach areas of the mouth such as behind the molars and along the gum line.

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