Video of our JDIQ Presentation on Silver Diamine Fluoride, FluoriMax & Plaque HD

Video of our JDIQ Presentation on Silver Diamine Fluoride, FluoriMax & Plaque HD

During the 47th edition of the Journées Dentaires Internationales du Québec, we presented three innovations for a minimally invasive approach to treating dental caries: Silver Diamine Fluoride, for the arrest of cavitated lesions (Advantage Arrest), the next generation of colophony-free fluoride varnish (FluoriMax) and the only professional plaque-identifying toothpaste (Plaque HD).


Adrianne Gervais, a Registered Dental Hygienist and a member of our oral health representative team, made more than 1,000 dental professionals and students discovered how these innovations can help them increase their patients’ satisfaction by creating optimal and more predictable clinical outcomes for the treatment of dental caries.

The presentation (in French only) was also broadcasted live on Facebook to make as many dental professionals and students benefit from it!

- Chloé

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