X-PUR Crystal - Desensitizer

by Oral Science

Ingenious, natural and fast acting desensitizer

10ml bottle

In-office desensitizer.
Ideal for these situations :
• Crown preparation : before and after
• Exposed cementum and root dentin
• Heavy calculus along cervical neck that extends along the root surface
• Pain from removal of an orthodontic bracket
• Prophylaxis : before and after
• Re-wetting agent
• Temporization
• Under restorations (amalgams, composites, crowns and veneers, inlays and onlays)

Free of any organic solvents or agents found in tissue fixatives. i.e. benzalkonium chloride, chloroform, ether, glutaraldehyde, phenolor hydroxy-ethyl-methacrylate (HEMA)
Non-irritating to the vital pulp tissues of the tooth or to any of the oral gingival cells
10ml bottle contains approximately 320 drops

Proprietary blend of natural acids and salts

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