by Oral Science

New Harmony Between Bite and Body: TMJ Pain Relief and Treatment with Aqualizer® Dental Splints

Medium volume package (10x medium)
Mix volume package (6x medium + 2x high  + 2x low)
Mix Mini volume package (6x medium + 2x high  + 2x low)
Low volume package (10x low)

The Aqualizer®’s revolutionary water system makes it different from any other product on the market designed to treat malocclusion. While most dental splints simply disable the bite long term and guess at optimal occlusion, the Aqualizer® takes the guesswork out of treatment by allowing the body to naturally find TMJ pain relief and functional balance.

The Aqualizer® applies a physical law of nature called Pascal’s Law, meaning that when you bite down on the Aqualizer®, the fluid is evenly distributed across the entire bite. Aqualizer® dental splints offer no opinion, enabling the body to naturally balance itself and function on its own.