The Evolution of Managing Periodontal Disease

The Evolution of Managing Periodontal Disease

How to Empower Patients and Dental Teams with Optimal Periodontal Disease Management

Over the years, Oral Science has continued to build a reputation as a forward-thinking company, committed to supporting dental professionals in practicing and promoting evidence-based decision making. Our daily focus is to create a path for the smooth integration of research into client care and to manage oral disease. We pride ourselves in taking the necessary advances to ensure our message and protocols are adapted to newly emerging research.

At Oral Science, our momentum has naturally lead to developing three unique areas of growth for dental professionals, that being, education, engagement, and empowerment. In order to embrace these areas and support the advancement of our profession, Oral Science is dedicated to bring you the knowledge, skills, and tools through targeted educational programs. These programs are built around our fields of expertise including; periodontal disease and peri-implantitis, dental caries, xerostomia, oral lesions, and tooth sensitivity.

Leading dental offices can count on genuine engagement from our team of Dental Hygienists and Oral Health Educators. Providing support and having a passion to assist in the integration of in-office treatments and home care recommendations. All leading to predictable clinical outcomes with measurable results, giving dental teams a feeling of empowerment that is driven by a sense of confidence and inspiration.


Why Oral Science's Periodontal Management Protocol is Unique? 

Oral Science has mapped out an easy to follow the path to create a seamless integration of evidenced-based research into client care, while ensuring each component our protocol embraces the oral-systemic connection. Furthermore, recognizing and sharing strategies focused on acknowledging patients as true partners, in order to reach oral health success.

As a result, we have developed a newly revised periodontal protocol in collaboration with leading professionals in the dental community. Our protocol is a comprehensive protocol and consistent with the new American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) guidelines.

            Oral Science has always taken a holistic approach to the optimal management of non-surgical periodontal treatment. We know success lies in the incorporation of our 3 critical pillars:

  1. The Assessment and Management of Risk Factors
  2. The Adequate Management of Dental Biofilm
  3. The Adequate Management of Host Response and Inflammation

Our periodontal protocol is based on the recognition of the oral-systemic link. This recognition is key when treatment considerations are made, due to the fact periodontal disease is an inflammatory disease process resulting from the interaction between oral bacteria that is triggering the host inflammatory response. The image below represents how the human body and systemic health can be impacted by periodontal disease. This image is an amazing tool to use chair-side with patients, allowing for an understanding of the oral-systemic connection and the importance of your recommendations.



Connections Between Our Treatments and AAP Classification

Pilar #1: The Assessment and Management of Risk Factors

            Assessing and managing risk for periodontal disease is initial and on-going step providers need to ensure they are part of each interaction. For example, this could include collecting data that could help identify undiagnosed diabetics, while encouraging patients to find solutions to the risk factors present and consider adjunctive therapies to help manage inflammation. Dental professionals are a source of advice and can identify red flags and risk factors that can empower patients to make informed decisions.


Pilar #2: The Adequate Management of Dental Biofilm


When adequately managing biofilm, it will aid in addressing all stages and grades of periodontal disease. At Oral Science we offer unique treatments for both your patients and your dental team.


  1. The CURAPROX interdental brushes promote superior homecare to disrupt biofilm to maintain oral health. 
  1. The incorporation of the Photon 3W soft tissue diode laser is a tool to use in combination with other adjuncts to address the bacterial component of periodontal disease.
  1. An injection-free liquid topical anesthetic such as Cetacaine and hard tissue desensitizer such as X-PUR Crystal will allow patients to experience pre and post-operative comfort with reduced tooth sensitivity.

 Our home care products will contribute to the stability of inflammation. The combination of X-PUR Remin an antimicrobial toothpaste, X-PUR Opti-rinse will inhibit pathogenic bacteria, the CURAPROX 5460 is an extremely gentle toothbrush to improve gum health. And lastly, Gengigel a hyaluronic acid gel can be used to accelerate the healing process while minimizing pain.


Pilar #3: The Adequate Management of Host Response & Inflammation




When patients are in a state of persistent inflammation and not responding to current adjunctive therapies, during specific stages and grades of periodontal disease including “Stage II, III or IV and Grade B or C” of the AAP Classification we need to stop and consider the host. With a non-antibiotic dose of doxycycline, even patients who were previously unresponsive will quickly notice changes in their oral condition. Low dose doxycycline helps regulate the overproduction of collagenase (enzymes responsible for destroying collagen) and osteoclasts (bone cells responsible for bone resorption), which are overproduced during a chronic, prolonged and destructive inflammatory response.


Any questions? Refer to one of our Dental Hygienists and Oral Health Educators

Our educational programs will allow you to improve the understanding of our protocols, treatments, and solutions in all of our fields of expertise: periodontal disease and peri-implantitis, dental caries, xerostomia, oral lesions, and tooth sensitivity. Your team will be equipped with all the necessary tools to empower themselves on a daily basis, in their role and profession. Above all, we are committed to making a difference and bringing about positive change in the management of periodontal disease.

Please reach out to book an educational program session in your office.

Be empowered!

From Your Periodontal Partner – Oral Science

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