Your 2020 Periodontal Partner!

Your 2020 Periodontal Partner!

Now is the perfect time to look back on the year! 

With 2019 coming to an end, we can’t help but feel true joy for the relationships with our valued customers, and the positive impact we’ve had on improving oral health status. 

Throughout 2019, we stood out as an organization focused on prevention, making needed changes, and educating oral health care professionals on emerging information to directly change their practice outcomes. 


We are pleased to end the year with a GIVE-A-WAY, highlighting one of our many successful in-office options to send home with clients……...our Optimal Oral Health Kits!  

Did you know Oral Science offers disease management kits? Targeting these critical areas of oral health:  

• Zero Cavity 

• Periodontal Health 

• Pain Relief 

• Oral Comfort 

- Oral Science Periodontal Health Kit -

The patient kits have streamlined homecare recommendations for patients at risk and provided dentists and dental hygienists confidence they’re sending clients home with a comprehensive group of products to fully meet their client’s needs.

We hope you had a chance to see our “Social Media Post” with the give-way on how you could win all four of our kits to trial with your clients, yourself, family member or friend.  


As part of our mission, we will be ready in 2020 to support you in integrating the most effective periodontal treatment protocol. Here is how we can help you:

Laser Certification for RDH'S (Photon 3W)

It's time for soft-tissue diode lasers to shine as they can offer the #1 return on investment of your dental hygiene department. The Photon 3W has also been specifically designed to be used by dental hygienists. Part of this program is our partnership with rdhu, Canada’s leading laser training facility. We have joined forces to bring you a course that is focused on all you need to know about diode lasers and confirmed step by step protocols to integrate into practice. All leading to effective management of inflammation while increasing production! 

***Learn more about our laser certification for RDH's here!***

A Protocol Based on the AAP Guidelines

We know the management of periodontitis and learning about the New American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) Guidelines is of great importance for all dental professionals. This is why Oral Science will be launching a course on the best practices approach to periodontal disease management in 2020. The course will be delivered across Canada with Beth Ryerse and Oral Science Oral Health Educators. We are sure this course is going to give you exactly what you need and what you’ve been waiting for, with in-office support after the course.  

***Learn more about our periodontal course in Ontario here***

***Learn more about our periodontal course here in BC, Alberta & Saskatchewan here***

With the evolution of periodontal disease management Oral Science is continually re-evaluating our periodontal disease protocol, to best meet the needs of our customers and in turn the patients receiving care. It will always be a top priority for Oral Science to lead the way with the most innovative products and protocols in the Canadian market. This is why our periodontal protocol has been recently updated and we will continue to share with leading practices during in-office educational sessions. 

***Click here to schedule a free in-office presentation with our team!***

We look forward to an exciting year and partnering with your office to make a true difference in patient care. See you in 2020 across Canada in your office and at our amazing courses.

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